These times – they are a changin’

So this is it ladies and other people. Another fork in the grown-up road. I didn’t have to decide which path to take, hell I created the fork in the first place. But here I am and I have decided to move forward, even though at times it feels like I am still kind of “stuck in the mud,” so to speak. As I have learnt whilst been dragged kicking and screaming into adulthood that with any life decisions, you should not simply go with the flow, but rather grab hold of the reins and steer the flow in the direction which you would like to move, regardless.

So much is happening right now lovelies that my head is spinning! Leaving job. Being incredibly sad about leaving job. Going to London. Organising London plans. Not really having any London plans. Stressing about…London plans. Travelling. Home. New job. Writing/reviewing/blogging. Yes, yes, I know – these are middle class white girl problems. I have other worries, though, but these do not need to be vented on said blog.

As you know kittens, I have this “thing” about getting older. I am not talking about getting wrinkles and sagging and such, I just have this thing about my mid twenties. I know what I wanted to achieve by 25, and I am not bitter that life has turned out totally differently to what I imagined – its brought loads of learning curves, but still, 26 is filled with introspective behaviour to say the least – hence why I am always bouncing around, longing to be a gypsy, wandering and discovering, if only. My lovely American sent me an article recently which I think everyone will look at differently, but it made me kind of sad reading it really. Yes, I am still four years away from 30 but how different will life be then? When will be be too old to do things that feel so natural to us now? Will they always feels natural? We can definitely ask ourselves these questions starting now. Here’s the article:

But enough of this nonsense, I’m 26 for gods sake! So until that fateful day in four years time, I will continue to be as youthful as humanly possible. I will eat coco pops for breakfast, balance on the pavement curbs with my hands outstretched, watch Disney movies yet still make informed big people decisions, look at retirement annuity plans and pretend to know what the hell people are talking about when they talk about stocks. I can be 6, 16, 26, 36 and more, all in one if I so wish!

xxx ­­­­

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Nobody Panic!

Oh, darlings – I am sorry I have been so quiet.

Yes, yes, I know that every second blogger apologises for not blogging by saying something cheesy like, “I haven’t forgotten about you, I have just been sooo busy”, or “will you forgive me – I’ll post soon” or something equally as puke-ish adn not even one tiny bit honest. I must admit, I would like to apologize, but really, I am not sure why I have not blogged in so long. Yes, technology constraints and time have contributed to the catastrophy that is my blogless blog right now and I have been getting numerous emails (not really) begging (nope) me to blog just one more time (whatever). But alas, I have just not had the blogging bug, or felt the need to spew the shit that I call writing all over this here bloggity page so that you can enjoy it for your reading pleasure. How rude you are, my little blog-ees, all you do is take, take, take! I just need some time, ok…

Rants aside, I am back. Well, back for one post. For now. Today. At this very moment. And, because I am such a shit blogger, always rejecting you with lack of words (that I make up most of the time), I am going to give you the gift of a blog list of the best – in my eyes, for your eyes. Here is a list of bloggers I enjoy (mostly people I have met or are even friends with, so a teeny bit biased I admit) but I like them and I think you will like them too..

Get some tea/wine/tequila/lighter fluid, settle down and stalk these blogs (and you can stalk their Facebook and Twitter too – they totally won’t mind).

Agnes Sokol: On the Wire – This lady is one digital diva and her links are golden. If you are interested in digital media and all things shiny and happy ( as I think her Twitter bio exclaims) then have a look-see as I pretty much retweet ie steal her stuff daily.

Texx and the City: You like music, do you? Well then this is your ultimate Cape Town gig guide, with a twist (yes, the type of lemony twist that you put in your drink). Witty banter is the name of the game here so be prepared for some licks, winks and strong opinions, to say the least.

The Opinions of JB – Hilarious, really. I dig it because she says things that others are thinking, plus the sarcasm just oozes out of the core of this blog! Fun stories about life, love and the war on gym and dieting – I just wish she would blog more (most probably words she has said to me in the past too)

The Dazed and Bemused: A new blog by an old freind, Gina writes about fashion do’s and oh-god-please-no’s as well as reveals trends we have yet to see here in little SA. I love the fact that it is filled to the brim with pretty pictures (ooooh, shiny things!)

Jump Left – A little bit of this, a little bit of that – I know for a fact that this lady can write. Also various musings (just like this here blog) I enjoy reading about what others have to say about things I do not always have much to say about. Witty as ever!

I will keep adding more to this list, promise (probably not, but seeing as I am on the promising train, here we go..)


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Hey Ho – Let(‘s) Go!

Letting go is one bloody strange feeling. One minute you are all fired up, incredibly pissed off about something that you pretty much have no control over at that given time and then voila – when you least expect it, you all of a sardine need of no more tissues for your issues. I believe that it is close to impossible to make a concerted decision to let go and really stick to it. Yes, you can prance around saying, ”oh, I have totally let go of that job that I didn’t get, that exam I didn’t ace, that ex who broke my heart or that­­ friend who stabbed me in the back.” But when it comes down to it, letting go is about a lot more than merely saying “I do”.

This is how I see it (or how I would like to see it). You get up one morning and realise that you feel a little lighter, but do not know exactly why. A few days later, you then realise that other thoughts have now filled up those parts of your mind that were previously occupied with “that thing” and then, a few weeks later, you eventually scratch your head at the bizarre nature of hanging onto something that you always thought would never be released from your grip. Letting go of something is not as much a physical transformation as much as freeing your mind with a tiny piece of space that can now be used for something more promising (and in most cases, more constructive).

Some never let go, others take years and some will loosen their grip as quickly as they can, take a step back and watch as their “issue” floats away, never to be seen again., I used to envy these people, always wishing for my grasp to loosen and for me to walk away without turning back on things that bother me. I am a classic “over-thinker” and a terribly contagious worrier, so anything that is bothering me, you will have to get a machete knife and hack away at the strings that attach me to my problem.

I have however, had recently had a moment that I am ashamed to say that I do not think I have experienced before. Normally, I am forced into letting go of something that is bothering me, owing to the fact that I might go clinically insane if I do not remove myself from the situation. This situation was one of those icky messy ones, where any possibility of me letting go and turning the other cheek would be pretty much unheard of. But one day, I woke up and the process that I described began. For me it happened in much shorter succession though, like in the space of a few days, but still. One minute that feeling of dread and attachment to my issue was there and them bam! It was gone. I do feel that I will have to work at keeping it this way however, as falling off the grudge wagon can be as easy as taking a drink after years of sobriety, but hey, life isn’t all about feeling light and fluffy all the time, right?

So go forth (without) and conquer!


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Nobody Likes you when you’re 23 (25)

If you remember one thing from this post, darlings, it is this. A Quarter Life Crisis is real. Forget the middle life crisis with sports cars, facelifts and  cheating husbands, this is way more serious.  Questions are asked when you turn 25, questions that cannot be answered. And lessons, oh my. Lessons are learnt. I have learnt numerous little life lessons – some which have made me bitter, others which have brought peace. But no matter what, you learn, just like you learn at other ages in your life, that life is not fair, but hell, it can be downright hilarious at times. Here are a few things I have learnt during my Quarter Life Crisis (5 months and nearly two weeks in).

There IS such thing as a two day hangover. And no, this does not only apply to those all night binges where you are tossing tequila down your throat and dancing on bar tables (if that is your thing, but I guess after a few tequilas – anything is your “thing”). The day after said binge has occurred, you wake up feeling like you have been inhaling ashtrays and sipping on detergents but a sense of relief sweeps over as you know that in 24 hours it’ll all be over. Wrong. Oh. So. Wrong. Two day hangovers kick you in the ass when you are 25, and these hellish nightmares can appear only after medium to severe nights out on the town. Two days of headaches. Two days of nausea. Two days of shame.

Did you know that it is possible to still have blemishes and break outs at 25? This makes me sound like a prepubescent teenager full of angst, but yet, any sign of stress and BAM! It looks like I have been sleeping with my make up on for five years (another thing that I should not do since I have turned 25 – note to self). Other silly things that you thought would pass once you reached 25 include embarrassment by parents, fear of entering public spaces alone and your love for the Disney channel. Nope, still there and still prominent.

Ok ,so we all know that G. Ggggg. Grey hairs can happen at this age. And no, I have not yet found the forsaken grey hair (thank my sweet Mary and Joseph ring) but I know this day is coming. I can feel it in the icy wind. When I least expect it, the sneaky grey fucker will pounce and present itself proudly like a cat with a mauled bird, just to ruin my day. I do not look forward to this day and I know when it happens – I will get out that box of L’Oreal and start dying. And from there, my friends – there is no going back.

At 25, it is possible to still not know what you want to do with your life. At 15, I thought that by the age of 25 I would be married and “with child”. I would be living in France, with my musician husband (we all go through the musician stage – don’t judge) and be a successful journalist. At 5 I thought I was going to be a ballerina, so I do understand that things change. But at 25 I would have imagined I would have some sort of direction. But. Nada. I am certain (nearly) that I have a passion for what I am about to embark on in the next month but I thought by now I would be successful in that field. So beware, at 25, you might not know what you want to do with your life. Prepare for this drama now. Go.

At 25, your mind wanders. It wanders to friends, significant others, offspring and other life decisions that you know you need to make but cannot yet face. But just because a Quarter Life Crisis is a step in the “I am all grown up and adulty” phase – it doesn’t mean we have to grow up just yet, does it?

Much love and the warmest regards,

Your Quarter Life Crisis


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Viral Makes the World Go Round

Haven’t you heard, darlings, that viral is the new black? If you know me well, you will have by now heard me talking about social media and more often than not, viral campaigns. I am a bit of a viral campaign nut, sharing the cool videos that I find with others, therefore being a statistic to one of the major brands viral campaigns, I guess. Damn! Anyway,  sharing is caring and as we know, its good for business, baby.

I like clever. Clever films that make you think, clever guys that I can have conversations with about politics, religion, philosophy (brains is the new body) clever books that you actually ache after finishing. Clever clever clever. This is not saying that I am a genius of any sort – I just like hearing/watching/ reading about other people’s ideas. What I like most however, is clever campaigns. Something that might make you wonder, make you smile or make you think “oh hell gosh darn it (“&£^$*£) I wish I thought of that!

I am always looking for new viral campaigns especially as I feel that these are one of the best ways in order to create brand awareness and get people talking, and as we all know, social media is based strongly on conversation and interaction.

Below are only two of my favourite viral campaigns that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon – and I guess that is the point, right? For me, these will be remembered for pulling on the old heart strings as they both make me happy, because they make others happy.  I have way too many viral videos to share, so I think I will be posting a few every month for you to feast your eyes on. But, firstly..

The Fun Theory: Volkswagen

The Fun Theory is based on change – change for the better. And by this we do not mean creating world peace or destroying nuclear weapons, its more along the lines of taking the stairs instead of the escalator, recycling and cracking a smile or two. My favourite Fun Theory experiments is the well known Piano Stairs, which really speaks for itself. Take a look:

Makes me smile, every time :)

Coca Cola Happiness Machine:

Coca Cola have done quite a few of these happiness machines all over the world but no matter what, they work, and they work well. People love free stuff, no doubt about that, but it is more about concept of sharing and delivering happiness to unsuspecting people that makes this campaign one of the better ones. This is one of the first ones that came out – have a look:

I love the last bit – “Where will happiness strike next?” – Damn you Coca Cola, I don’t know! Where, tell meeeee!!!

Ok, so there you go, poppies, just two for now – I can’t spoil you now, can I?

Told you I would mix it up on this here blog, so there.

Miss you already xxx

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Wonton Chicken noodle Soup for the Soul

Those who know me, know that I get rather excited when I am anticipating going out somewhere for dinner. Cape Town has an array of restaurants, some are ohmyholygrail expensive and others are pretty reasonable and just as yummy. Service in Cape Town varies though; sometimes I am left absolutely flabbergasted at being brutally ignored by pretty waiters wafting around, pouting at food, hoping it will serve itself so they can go outside and smoked copious amounts of roll up cigarettes. Others are all up in your face (cue Primi) getting a bit too personal and whisking your cocktail away before you have even enjoyed the last sip.

I realised that I must talk about food way too much as in the past week or so I have been asked numerous times “where is a good spot to eat in Cape Town?” I get rather overwhelmed with this question because there is just so many options and so little stomach space (well, excluding myself). I find myself racking my brain, trying to remember where I had that particular tuna steak or vegetable lasagne and most of the time, I kick myself after I have rattled off a few names to the restaurant searcher, remembering even more fantastic places that I want to share with them after they have commenced their food exploration.

So, here are some of my favourite places to eat in Cape Town. I am no food expert or restaurant connoisseur, but I like what I like, and what I like is good, wholesome food that does not cost as much as one month’s rent and will fill my tummy and give me a smile. I am rather loyal to certain meals as I am one of those irritating people who do not like to try anything new, but rather stick to what I know will never disappoint. Cue some of my favourite meals at my favourite foodie joints:

Aris Souvlaki: Aris Souvlaki has been around probably longer than I have. Situated on Sea Point main road, these guys make a mean falafel and shwarma. Plastic table clothes and oddly matched wooden chairs give the Aris a homely feel and the owners will offer to read your palms and predict your future if you are in the right place at the right time. Mmmm, falafel

Bayside Cafe: This is my family “event restaurant”. Birthdays, anniversaries, pretty much any reason to celebrate, we are there (and were there just a few days ago). The reason why we love it? The ribs. Ok, so I don’t eat ribs, but I haven’t been a vegetarian all my life. The ribs are phenomenal and if you like yourself a good ol’ rack of meat, there is literally no other place in Cape Town that you should go.

Neighbourhood Restaurant and Bar: If you know me well enough, you know that I have a SLIGHT obsession with chilli poppers. If there are chilli poppers at a restaurant, I just have to try them. Many times I have been highly disappointed in some of the spicy cheese filled yummy goodness I have tried, but not at Neighbourhood. The platter of eight poppers is a cheese explosion to the mouth and as most of you know – I could write a love poem for cheese, 7 days a week. Their curly fries also rock, and pretty much anything else on their menu, so I’ve heard.

Chef Pons: Once a month, a few of us girls get together for a catch up session which involves lots of red wine, hilarious accounts of drunken nights out and Chef Pons. Chef Pons is a favourite for most of my friends and their food is just so damn tasty, no matter what night you go. I am a fan of their sweet and sour prawns, laden with sugary goodness and ever so generous with their portions. Other winners include the wonton chicken noodle soup and the duck (I have never tasted it but damn, it looks good).

Ok, so here I present to you only four of like a gazillion options on where to eat, but take them and roll with them and see what you think. As I said before, don’t expect me to explain the texture of the humus or the burny ratio of the poppers, but these are some of the places I like because they are averagely priced, the food is good and the vibe is welcoming.

Bon appétit, bunnies xxx

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Mud is so “in” this season.

If you are on Facebook and you live in Cape Town, there is no doubt that you heard of the hype leading up to Sprung. The first official outdoor trance party of the season (well, for those of us who could not embrace the cold of the scattered winter outdoors) was all that everyone could talk about, and frankly, I was flipping excited. So, Saturday morning I gathered my blankets (all 25.7 of them) my bottles of water and my cold toasted sarmies (my new trance party necessity) and made the epic mission.  We bundled all of our belongings – which was quite a lot for one girl and two guys -into the car and hit the road. The very, very long road.

Looking back on the party, I realise why I love these events so much and I can also see why some people utterly detest them. If you are willing to get dirty, deal with tweaking, off the wall individuals trying to tackle you into the mud and freezing your baby toes off at 4am in the morning, then you are a trance trooper. But, as I stood on the dancefloor with the sun beaming down on me, surrounded by friends and happiness and love… ok, that sentence was too hippy, even for my liking, but hey – I’m going with it. Don’t ask me to go camping for two weeks in the bush however, but when you offer me with the opportunity to jump in a car, drive two hours with some pretty awesome people and jump around in the mud with the crazies  – then count me in.

Unfortunately, there has to be a handful of silly rabbits who push the boundaries and their own ability to drink and do goodness knows what else. I am not talking about the guys and gals who overdo it and proceed to happily pass out on the side of the dancefloor in a peaceful (comatose) nap. I am talking about the aggressive individuals who feel that it is their right to teach everyone a lesson by starting fights and attacking anything near them that moves.

I found that these precious little fellows were on top form this weekend and it really disturbed me as to why they were fighting. As I witnessed one of them charge at another in a drug/booze/testosterone frenzy, I felt sad. These parties are meant to let individuals who want to escape the city clubs and pubs and retreat to a place to feel safe and enjoy the music in amazing surroundings with others who feel the same. And when this doesn’t happen – the trance gods cry (yes, another hippy moment, hush).

But, as much as this notion irritated me and I wanted to grab some of these fighters by their ears and call their mothers to come and fetch them right then and there, the party that I experienced was an absolute delight. Amazing, upliting tunes mixed oh so perfectly  with scenery that only dreams are made of made my weekend truly special. My highlights included – stalking ostriches, bumping into a guy in a sumo wrestler suit, doing cartwheels, wriggling my toes in the mud, having two hour conversations about nothing at all, meeting some pretty cool Australians and boasting to others about how beautiful I think Cape Town is.

Until Earthdance (oh dear)…Lovely stuff. xxx

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